Infection Control In TIMeS Hospital

Nosocomial infections or hospital acquired infections (HAI) are defined as infections acquired during or as a result of hospitalization. They were neither present nor incubating at the time of hospitalization. Any patient who develops an infection after 48 hours of hospitalization is considered to have nosocomial infection.
Hospital-acquired  infections  add  to  functional  disability  and  emotional  stress  of  the  patient and  in  some  cases,  lead  to  disabling  conditions  that  reduce  the  quality  of  life.  Nosocomial infections are also one of the leading causes of death. The   economic   burden   of   HAI   is    also considerable because of increased length of stay for infected patients.
TIMeS Hospital recognizes the control of HAI as an essential part of patient care. The Hospital is committed to fulfilling its responsibility by ensuring that proper safeguards are instituted to identify and prevent HAI. All aspects of hospital functions are included in this activity. Infection control includes the prevention and management of HAI through the application of research based knowledge to practices that include: standard precautions , decontamination, waste management, surveillance and audit. To fulfill this aim Hospital Infection Control Committee has been formed which looks after the infection control needs.
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